Visiting Providers

The Jungle Hospital is in need of providers year round, and we do our best to accommodate hectic schedules and short vacation windows.

Visiting Providers FAQ

Who does the Jungle Hospital consider a Provider?

We consider anyone who is a licensed medical or dental professional, who would like to come to the Jungle Hospital apart from a team, a Practitioner.  This means that if you are a licensed nurse, nurse practitioner, medical doctor, physician’s assistant, dental hygienist, pharmacy technician, laboratory technician, etc. you can schedule a time to serve at the Jungle Hospital when it is convenient for you.

Can Providers come and serve with a team?

Yes! If the time you would like to come to the Jungle Hospital has already been booked by another team, visiting Practitioners can come and serve alongside that team. The only limiting factor would be space in our dormitory – some teams are very large and leave no room for additional visitors.

Can Providers come year round?

Yes! The Jungle Hospital provides medical care to the surrounding communities year round. Weather permitting, we allow Practitioners to come and serve anytime throughout the year.

Can Providers come back more than once a year?

Yes! Once a Practitioner completes the application process, and serves onsite with the Jungle Hospital a decision will be made as to whether or not the relationship will continue. There are a lot of factors to consider when serving in a Third World environment, and we want to make sure that all of our staff members, volunteers, and most importantly our patients are well taken care of in any relationship we pursue. Once an invitation to return has been extended, a Practitioner may visit as many times per year as their schedules permits.

What does the application process entail?

Practitioners who are interested in serving with the Jungle Hospital are encouraged to fill out our online Volunteer Interest Form. This form gives us some basic information about your profession, your desired dates of service, and how you see yourself serving at our facility. After our staff reviews the Interest Form a Volunteer Application will be sent to you for completion. This is a more in-depth application that covers many topics and helps us get to know you better. The third part of the application process is the submission of three Personal Recommendations. Once the Application and the Personal Recommendations have been received the final interview portion of the process will begin. We will schedule a Personal Interview via Skype that will take approximately 40 minutes. This may seem like a lengthy process, but it has helped us many times in the past to discover the best fit for volunteers within our ministry.