10 Year Hospital Anniversary


On November 9th, 2017, the Dyer Rural Hospital celebrated its 10th year anniversary! Has it really been ten years?! As we’ve looked back over our time here in Rio Viejo, we stand in awe at all that God has done. We remember the dream and vision being so great and it has taken many hearts and hands to bring us where we are today. Here’s a peek at some of the ministry highlights since that historic day:


  • Inauguration Day for the Dyer Rural Hospital
  • Our first pharmacy was established and inventoried
  • The dorm foundation was poured


  • Our Mission and Vision was established
  • The first container of medical equipment arrived
  • Construction of the Williams’s house began
  • Our first medical brigades and school visits were completed
  • Dorm construction continued (roof, electrical wiring, kitchen cabinets)
  • We received our very first missions interns


  • A water purification system for the dorm and hospital was installed
  • First time to host a visiting team in our new dorm
  • The second floor of the dorm was painted
  • The newly completed dorm was dedicated
  • The village of La Lucha, a village who has never had a doctor, was visited for the very first time
  • The new roofs for the hospital, missionary house, and caseta were completed


  • We received a second container full of medical equipment
  • The outsides of the dorm, missionary house, and caseta were painted
  • The front porches to the dorm and the hammock hut were built
  • The container was moved and turned into a medical warehouse
  • The hospital inpatient facility was painted
  • The Williams’s personal home was completed
  • Construction on the perimeter wall behind the hospital began


  • Our first baby was born at the Jungle Hospital
  • The hospital received new electrical wiring
  • The medical warehouse (container) was painted
  • Broke ground on the long-term volunteer housing (G-Flats)
  • Our diesel generator was installed
  • We built new roofs for the hospital courtyard, the generator house, and the carport


  • The volunteer housing (G-Flats) was completed
  • The Wunstel Operating Ward was completed
  • Our first “official” Missions Internship Program was initiated


  • We received our third container of medical equipment (Project Cure)
  • Mission Firefly installed an extensive water purification and storage system for the entire HHGlobal medical complex
  • The Wunstel Ward was wired electrically and the drop ceiling was installed


  • Samaritan’s Purse shipped and donated a container filled with medical supplies
  • Our dental unit was upgraded
  • We combined our two containers to expand the storage warehouse
  • Hosted our first Teachers Appreciation Conference


  • Installed an A/C unit in the Labor and Delivery and OR/Recovery Ward
  • A new internet system was installed which expanded our WiFi to cover the entire complex
  • Our fifth shipping container arrived with supplies to finish equipping the OR/Recovery Ward


  • Dedication of the Nellie Walker Ward and the Wunstel Ward
  • Established a partnership with Our Lady of the Lake Residency Program
  • Hosted our first pediatric residents from OLOL
  • Received our brand new ultrasound machine
  • Delivered 4 beautiful babies in our newly opened L&D Ward


  • Established a partnership with LSU-Internal Medicine Residency Program and Lincoln Memorial University PA Program
  • Delivered 6 more jungle babies
  • Living Water attempted to drill a well on the hospital property
  • Approved for our non-profit status in Honduras


  • Provided than 40,000 patient consults in our surrounding area and las minas
  • Provided health education to more than 19,000 students
  • Resourced more than 500 teachers
  • Hosted 92 teams
  • Delivered 13 beautiful babies
  • Reached every village in our mountain cove with medical care


As you can see, a lot has happened in 10 years. We thank God for bringing us thus far and for his faithfulness through it all. On our inauguration day in 2007, we dedicated this place to Him and what is done here is done in His name and for His glory alone. Amen!