2020 Teams and Volunteers

This group season was unlike any other we’ve experienced in the history of hosting teams. Despite the pandemic, months of closed borders, and uncertain times, we had a few amazing groups and volunteers who made this year extra special. Because of their hard work, we were able to push forward in the expansion project and complete the goals we set in the beginning of the year. We love our teams and volunteers!

  • City Hope Church Construction Teams
  • The Church International – St. Amant
  • HHG Board of Directors & Friends
  • The Church at Addis – Mark Younger
  • City Hope College (Pastor Danny Theurer)
  • Scott & Marla McCleod
  • Tommy & Melanie Daw
  • Jacksonville Team (Chunky & Dawn Miller)
  • The Lundeen Family
  • Dr. Grace Eshoe Iyamu-Osagiede
  • Robbie Greer & John Sotto Samaritan’s Purse/WMM Biotechs
  • Pastor Jerry Taylor
  • Dr. Edley Moodley – Lee University
  • Becky & Nicole Fillpot
  • Andy Noles
  • Logan Murrell
  • Haven Edgemon – Intern