2021 Updates

We are overwhelmed with thankfulness that things are slowly getting back to “normal” even in the midst of covid-19. Honduras’s borders re-opened in late 2020 and this year we were able to host medical and construction teams as normal here in Rio Viejo.

City Hope church church partnered with us in 2021 and sent two construction teams that helped us continue with the expansion project. The first team came in May with the goal of placing a roof on house number one. This team literally raised the roof! It was such an exciting moment to see the completion of the first roof and it left us with so much more to look forward to with the next few houses. The second team came in November and they roofed houses number two and three. Placing a roof on not one, but two houses seemed like a challenge, especially with the unexpected rain, but these guys didn’t let that stop them. As soon as the rain stopped and it was safe to get back to work, the group set out with towels to dry the sheet metal and a determination to finish the project. These two houses not only received roofs, but the plumbing was connected as well. Thank you City Hope for sending such great teams to help us continue expanding our family housing!

We also hosted three amazing medical teams from River Valley Church, City Hope Church, and Celebration Church. These churches never fail to send teams that are ready to serve in whatever area is necessary. During their week stay, we provided medical and dental services here in Rio Viejo and the surrounding areas. We were so excited to be back out in the communities serving with groups and with their help we were able to provide medical and dental care to more than 700 patients! Praise the Lord!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools have still not fully re-opened so we didn’t host educational teams. However, we are hopeful that next year schools will open and function at full capacity. 

Thank you to our 2021 Teams and Volunteers!

  • Elisabeth Evans
  • Tucker Doiron 
  • Haven Edgemon 
  • Sellers Swann
  • Lundeen Family
  • Benson Family
  • Nickie and Leighton Anderson
  • Pastor Jerry Taylor
  • Joshua Thompson
  • River Valley medical team
  • City Hope Construction team x 2
  • Lee Students
  • Hayden Welford – 1 year intern
  • Noah White – Summer intern
  • Ben Yonkers – Summer intern
  • Rachel Crandall – Summer intern
  • Ally Schall – Summer intern
  • Alanna Jolley – Summer intern
  • Iheartchurch
  • Celebration Church
  • Samaritan’s Purse / WMM
  • Andy Noles
  • Dawn Miller

The Nellie Walker Delivery Ward has been in full swing this year as we have delivered 9 beautiful babies. This is the most we’ve delivered in one year and we are expecting each year to increase in number. This brings our running total of deliveries to 34! What an honor it is to bring new life into the world and pray God’s blessings over each one that is born here.