A Little Bit of Joy with Jubilee

Jubilee Church fromDaphne, Alabama spent a Holy Spirit packed week with us in early July. Their 3part team of medical personnel, community educators and detail mindedconstruction workers catapulted us into the next level of service. Despite theresonating political humm in the background Jubilee served it up Jesus Styleand put the “flex” in flexibility. 


They painted, decorated,doctored, organized and sawed their way through the week so quickly that whenthe time came we were not ready for them to leave. The medical team helped usnavigate through a normal week of clinic and sort though tons of donated medicinesand supplies. The community education team painted and redecorated the RioViejo Kindergarten. They also taught healthy eating classes and brought theparable of the lost sheep to life by performing a skit to tell of God’sunfailing love for his people. The all-star construction team put the finishingtouches on the second story veranda by custom building and installing screenwindows, photo-cell flood lights, hooks for hammock chairs, and sealing ourstone staircase. They also built and installed screen doors and windows for theintern housing, saving them from the heat and the bugs in one fell swoop!


 The whole team hiked 2hours out into the thick jungle, crossing 4 rivers and 7 creeks to reach avillage never before visited by a doctor. The hike was absolutely breathtaking,both in beauty and in level of difficulty. We all became a part of the medicalteam that day as we ministered to close to 100 people who had been waiting atthe school house since the early morning. The education team performed theparable of the lost sheep and taught the hygiene-healthy eating lessons to young and old alike. 


The Holy Spirit showedup mightily in our times of devotion and led us to finally dedicate thedormitory to the service of our Lord. God moved in the hearts of everyonepresent and called one man to be baptized here in Honduras. At the baptismalservice 17 people came forward to commit or recommit their lives to the Lord,two of which were our Sam and Rachel.

What an incredible time for us as a ministry! We can’t wait to see what God has in store for this country and the people of the Cangrejal River Valley. We firmly believe that God has special plans for the Honduran people and we thank Pastor Rife for answering God’s call to come and serve with us. God continues to move mightily in this country, and we intend to bring Him all the glory as the international community looks on. Stand with us in prayer that God’s will is done in this country and in all of His creation.