A Week of Firsts with Alifera Globetrotter

For the first time ever, the Jungle Hospital hosted a team composed entirely of nurses. The Canadian organization Alifera Globetrotter brought an incredible team of women from Quebec and the United States to serve for a week in Rio Viejo. God did some amazing things that week as He empowered us to overcome language and cultural barriers within the community and within the team – as three different languages were spoken: French, Spanish and English!


We planned for a week of consult at the Jungle Hospital, and organized our very first health screening and educational seminar for the teachers at Instituto el Rey and the women of Rio Viejo. We collected vital signs, calculated BMI and conducted blood glucose checks on almost 100 people that week. During the women’s health screening in Rio Viejo we detected two new hypertensive patients and two new diabetics, who are now receiving care at the Jungle Hospital!


The team also hiked out to the villages of Nueva Suyapa and La Lucha, on an overnight adventure, to complete our goal of 100% coverage on our school health education visits!


We couldn’t have done any of that without such a passionate team of nurses and our own dedicated staff. Below is a video highlighting some of the incredible things the team accomplished. If you do not see a video below, click HERE.