April Visitors

April proved to be full of visitors, most of them old friends which made this month feel like one big family reunion!

Our volunteer, Lizzie, (who feels like family now) had her dad, Jerry Sillocks, come down for a week to visit this April! Jerry is a firefighter up in New York and is a part of the Firefighters for Christ ministry. In La Ceiba, he had a meeting with the head of the fire department to talk about bringing down a FFC team down to train and do ministry in the city.

Also visiting this month, was Tim from London and his family for two weeks. Tim returned from January to help us finish our ceiling project which we had been unable to finish back then. Our half-finished ceiling haunted him, so he came back with his family and joined with Jerry and our jungle staff to finish our project!

Our old jungle staff family returned: the Younger family joined in our April projects, coming back to our Cuenca with their two kids and Mark’s mother, Karen. Mark was a huge help in finishing the ceiling upstairs along with helping us on other small handyman projects. Heather teamed up with Wendy and worked in J-Team manuals in anticipation of the summer interns coming in May. Karen had the most important job of all: she was in charge of keeping the little ones out of trouble during all this chaos and busyness! We loved having all these visitors, new and familiar, to help carry the workload during the month before summer teams and interns arrived.

After a lot of sweat, jam sessions, and wood-finish stains on our hands, the ceiling was done! Our upstairs went from a sweatbox during midday to a beautiful, breezy porch at all hours of the day. We could not be more grateful for their help in finishing this long-awaited project to make our dorm porch a reprieve during the summer months rather than a sauna!

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