Backpack Blessing

Packed inside the infamous container full of medical equipment and A/C supplies was a most welcome surprise for a different side of our ministry: 1,200 brand new backpacks, along with boxes and boxes of school supplies for the students in Las Minas and the schools in our area!  While Martin and Vim were talking and dreaming of all of the medical equipment for the O.R./Recovery Ward last year, Vim’s wife (Sarah) and I (Wendy) were having other discussions.

We were talking about school visits and health education classes and vitamins and brushing teeth.  It has been our desire to promote healthy eating, dental hygiene, basic first aid, and God’s love throughout the 21 elementary schools in our area as well as the three high schools.  We see almost 1,500 students each year at least twice, some of them three times, to give anti-parasite medications and vitamins.  We teach them basic health education while playing games to teach about healthy eating and good food choices.  We brush their teeth and show them how to keep their teeth healthy and strong. We wash their hands while singing songs and we teach about basic first aid and how to avoid parasite infestation. All of these have proven to be effective, preventative measures over the years! We make it fun and we love on the kids and teachers alike.

This was what Sarah and I talked about….

And this is what Sarah DID…

She put her love into action and began filling her garage with donated school supplies.  She got her church involved (The Waters Church in Katy, Texas), she got her friends involved, and in the end she had boxes and boxes of supplies and 1,200 brand new backpacks!  So tucked in with all of those very important medical supplies, equipment, and air-conditioning units was such a wonderful surprise for the many children in our area.  A simple way to tell them we love them and GOD loves them.  A gift that will last for years to come.  Since the arrival of the container, we have been giving and giving and giving.  And this summer we will give even more, as Sarah & Vim will be here with members of their church to join with us!  Won’t that be a great experience?!

We are so thankful for those who dream with us, those who help us love on people and in turn, show them the love of the Father.  Even when it’s all wrapped up like a brand new backpack.