Bay Community Church 2014

bcc 3Bay Community Church from Daphne, Alabama sent a superb medical team to the Jungle Hospital this March. The team saw over 300 patients and over 180   students in four different villages! We had an activity packed week: one day of consult at the Jungle Hospital in Rio Viejo, two medical brigades along the main road in the villages of El Pital and Urraco, and the team also hiked out to the village of Los Pirineos for a medical brigade and school blitz. What an incredible week!

bcc 4

Every where we turned we saw a member of the Bay team going above and beyond the call of duty, they had a real “and then some” mentality. The team treated and prayed with their patients, connected with local kids, encouraged our staff with rich devotions and worship, and they genuinely enjoyed their time of service. It was very refreshing to serve alongside a team who alreadybcc 2 lived a lifestyle of putting others before themselves. Even though many of the team members did not know each other before the trip there was a perfect sense of unity the entire week. We were all encouraged to do more, give more and make ourselves more available for God to use us.



Here is a short video highlighting some of the events of the week. Click HERE if you do not see a video below.