Big Lake Heights Church of God and Destiny Church

This week we hosted a combo team of two different Alabama churches, Big Lake Heights Church of God in Mobile and Destiny Church in Daphne. They were also a combo team because we took them on medical brigades and school visits, sometimes both at the same time!

Their first day, the team split in half. The medical people assisted with our normal clinic, while other team members held a school visit on our property at the same time. Two schools came down to meet us, Los Planes and La Colorada. We did our usual health lessons, but this team went over the top and did the dances and puppet skits that we use to talk about Jesus with the children. Before they returned to their schools, we fed them lunch (a healthy one of course!)

Day Two was also an ambitious undertaking, because we took the team on a hike to La Lucha, which means “the struggle” in Spanish. It is a very steep hike in some places, but the gorgeous views make up for it. Once we made it there, we did the school visit and then set up chairs under the shade trees to do the medical brigade because the school building was too small. We were able to treat almost the entire village while we were up there.

The later school visits included El Pital, Las Mangas and the students from La Muralla who hiked down there, El Naranjo, and Nueva Suyapa. We knew this team was a tough one when they did their second hike of the week to Los Pirineos to do the school visit and medical brigade.

We wrapped up their week with some time to relax in La Ceiba, and they took the opportunity to go snorkeling.

We are always grateful when teams are willing to go the extra mile (sometimes literally) when they come to Rio Viejo. Thank you for an awesome week, and we hope to see you again soon!