Christmas in January

To the rest of us it was just another Thursday in January, but for the children of Las Minas, it was Christmas!

Each year, HHG delivers over 500 gift bags full of toys and goodies to the children in this very remote village four hours away from Rio Viejo. Many times, we are unable to cross the rivers and creeks during the very rainy month of December and Christmas is delayed for a few weeks, but that doesn’t stop the kids from coming!

Thursday morning, January 22nd at 6 a.m., the Toyota Troopy left Rio Viejo loaded down from top to bottom with 600 gift bags, a doctor, two nurses, and medical supplies. When they arrived, more than 800 people were waiting for them! Lines were formed and the giving began. Unfortunately, we ran out of bags, but 600 children left smiling that day and knew that they were not forgotten.

Once Christmas was finished, they were able to see over 40 patients that afternoon and 35 the next morning! This is our seventh year taking Christmas to Las Minas and next year we will be sure to take 800 gift bags! We thank God for the opportunity to show His love once again and for supplying the toys and gifts in a very miraculous way!