City Hope Medical Team 2023

We truly have some of the best teams who partner with us here at the Jungle Hospital! Amid the hospital renovation project that began back in April, we hosted several teams that didn’t miss a beat in the chaos of construction. City Hope Church was one of those incredible teams who served with us the last week of August to provide health, hope, and healing to patients at the hospital and the nearby villages.

The week began by introducing the team to the mission and vision of the Jungle Hospital and a tour of the facilities. This tour included the family houses on the expansion property, the future home of the children’s center, the shop, and the hospital renovation that is currently in process. After the grand tour, we ended our afternoon with some projects and pill packing to prepare for the bridge week.

Monday and Tuesday we had home court advantage and hosted two days of clinic at our hospital. The team jumped in without hesitation and used their skills to serve. 

Wednesday, we did what we are truly called to do—go to them.  We packed our backpacks and enjoyed a beautiful hike to the village of El Paraiso, which translates to “paradise,” and if you saw the gorgeous views there were, you would understand why. The village of El Paraiso welcomed us with open arms and provided coffee and baleadas for the entire team. What a treat! It was a wonderful day, and the weather cooperated perfectly for the hike.  

After a short drive and a walk over the swinging bridge, we arrived to the village of Nueva Suyapa. The elementary school allowed us to use their building to set up a triage, clinic, and dental cleaning area.

We ended the week with zip lining, snorkeling at Cayos Cochinos, and relaxing by the beach in La Ceiba. Before heading up the mountain, we stopped by our favorite restaurant TipiKatracho and allowed the team to experience some fine Honduran cooking. In total, we were able to see 178 patients this week. Thank you City Hope for for being His hands and feet and for helping us love on our community!