City Hope Medical Team

We had such a blast hosting the City Hope Medical team!

Their first day, they served at a hospital in San Pedro Sula. There, they brought diapers to families who had children in the hospital and ministered to the patients and their family members. After this visit, they spent the night in the city and visited their sister church, City Hope Honduras, before making the trek up the mountain to Rio Viejo. Despite an already eventful two days in Honduras, the group stayed up late to prepare for the week of brigades and pack pills.

Monday kicked off their week of medical brigades, beginning in Rio Viejo. They saw 56 patients in the morning! They got to tour Instituto El Rey, the local Christian high school, in the afternoon, and then passed out flyers in Toncontin to announce the brigade on Wednesday. To end another busy day, a woman came into the hospital with contractions, but was not dilated enough. We sent her to stay in Rio Viejo with a family member so that we could better monitor her progress.

The second day of brigades began with the 40-minute hike to El Paraiso. There, we provided vitamins and parasite medication to 29 students. In addition, we cared for 81 patients in the village. After the return hike, as if they hadn’t had enough walking already, the team took a tour of the new property that is one of the sites of our new expansion project.

Wednesday we allowed the team to rest their legs a little with a brigade in Toncontin, one of the villages that lies on the road. They saw 49 patients in record time! They got back early and got some R&R as a reward, plus some time to play at the river.

Their final work day was the toughest yet: a 7.5-mile hike to Los Limpios and back. Every step was worth it, though, because we ended up seeing 135 patients! It was amazing to be able to help so many patients in just one day. Once they got back to Rio Viejo, the team took the time to write their favorite scriptures on rocks and place them around the perimeter of the new property while they prayed for God’s provision and blessings over the project.

Their last day was a fun one that the team spent ziplining and relaxing in the hot springs. We gave them the full La Ceiba experience with a trip to the grocery store for coffee and other favorite items, as well as an early dinner and souvenir shopping at our favorite place.

This team was so special for us. We enjoyed every second of having them here and watching them play with the kids everywhere we went. Thanks, City Hope Medical! Come back soon!