City Hope/City Life


March is here, friends! Is your year flying by as fast as ours? Our first medical team of the season was one of the most stellar, star-packed crews we’ve ever had the pleasure of serving with. The coolest part? It was two church groups who had never even met before, yet melded perfectly from the first second like long-lost friends. Our staff couldn’t even pick out who came from where! City Life Church of Tampa, Florida, and City Hope Church of Daphne, Alabama, you two set a very high bar for the season.


After spending Saturday night in San Pedro Sula, we visited City Hope’s San Pedro Sula campus for a wonderful Sunday morning bilingual service before heading back to the jungle. The team went straight to work preparing brigade totes for the week and the next morning was our first brigade at the Jungle Hospital homebase. Between two doctors, we saw over 60 medical patients that day while the dentist and dental assistant pulled teeth for children from the orphanage up the mountain, a very special opportunity to bless a fellow ministry! The following three days saw brigades in different villages (accompanied by a good bit of rain) and in total, we were able to bless over 200 patients and pull 95 teeth. Thank you, City Life and City Hope, for being His hands and feet and for helping us love on our community!


We also had the wonderful pleasure of having Zach Gray, 2012 intern and fourth year medical student, return to visit us for a week. We are so proud of Zach and his accomplishments during medical school. He will soon start his Pediatric Residency in Greenville, South Carolina.



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