CityHope Construction Team

In November 2021, we got the opportunity and great privilege of hosting Pastor Jerry Taylor and the CityHope Construction team. Though the rainy season was upon us, the construction team set out to complete two roofs. One roof for each of the houses that we completed over the summer months. We knew that it would be a treacherous, nearly impossible job to complete if the tin was wet from the rain. So, we were hopeful that we would have days of sunshine. God was faithful to hold back the rain the first day the team set out to roof house number two. In fact, the weather was great with a cool breeze blowing to keep everyone from sweating in the heat. The team quickly united and in a day’s work two-thirds of the roof on house number two was complete. The day after the rain attempted to thwart our plans, but there’s always improvements to be done here on the campus.

We were blessed that CityHope brought along two men who were sound in technology, so we used the rain as an opportunity to work on some small projects regarding wifi issues that we had been experiencing. And, as a bonus, we got some service maintenance done on a washer that wasn’t functioning properly.

We weren’t going to let the rain keep us from being productive over the course of the week so we took on small projects until there was a break in the rain that allowed us to go to the field to work on the roofs.

After a little over two full work days on our residential property, the roofs were complete. On Thursday, after all tasks for the week had been accomplished, Dr. Martin fired up the bus and we took off down the mountain to Villas de Pico Bonito for some amazing food and relaxation time spent by the water. We all had a great time fellowshipping and reflecting back on the week, the friendships that were built, and the ways in which we got to expand our footprint here in Rio Viejo.

The next morning the team packed up and set out for San Pedro Sula. Next destination sweet home Alabama, but before that they enjoyed a nice dinner with Dr. Martin and Mrs. Wendy at the Hotel International. It was a wonderful way for the team to end a successful trip and relax before resuming life in the States.