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Do you remember when cell phones came in a bag and weighed about 5 pounds? How about the era of using fax machines to quickly send documents? Technology has made so many leaps in the past 20 years, and those advancements have really helped us stay connected to the world. We have embraced smart phones and apps, and we are trying our best to make them work for the Kingdom.

We wanted to make sure that you are staying as informed about the happenings at HHGlobal as you want to be. Here is a list of ways that you can connect with us:

Sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter, HHG Review, this publication is sent out via email every 3 months and shares some noteworthy highlights of ministry activity.

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You can also sign up to have our blog Jungle Post sent right to your inbox. These short articles share pictures, videos, testimonies, and accounts of important events two to three times per month.

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You can subscribe to the Jungle Hospital YouTube channel to receive notifications when we post new videos and team slideshows, which happens frequently during group season.

If you want to have more frequent updates “like” our Facebook Page, Healing Hands Global, Inc. We post pictures, status updates, and share the latest and greatest of the happenings at the Jungle Hospital a few times each week.

You can also follow Dr. Martin and Wendy Williams on Instagram for wonderful real time photo updates: @jungledoc and @wendyvaughnwilliams.

With all of these different options we are sure that you will find the one that is right for you…or you can sign up for all of them!