Destiny Church 2014

Destiny Church from Daphne, Alabama brought a wonderful team of people from across denominations to do something that has never been done before in the villages of Rio Viejo and Los Limpios. It all started a few years back when the church started dreaming big about the impact that they could have on a community if they were intentional about their efforts to partner with long term missionaries in the Cangrejal River Cove. As they painted schools, replaced roofs, rebuilt latrines, gave medical consult to patients, and resourced teachers and students with much needed supplies they started dreaming about something that would bring pure joy to the students.

Destiny bus pic cropped

This year the team came not only to maintain the schools and give medical consult, but also came to build and install playground equipment at the Rio Viejo and Los Limpios elementary schools! It was an amazing project to watch from start to finish and even more fulfilling to see the smiles on the faces of the students as they learned how to use a see-saw, monkey bars and a swing set. The uncensored enjoyment was easy to see as there were no cultural or language barriers obstructing the fun that was had by all.


D7K_7401 copy

Take a few minutes to watch this truly inspiring video showcasing the joy imparted when people give of themselves in a Christ-like way.  If you do not see a video below, click HERE to watch.