Destiny Church 2015

Our last team of the summer, Destiny Church, had quite the adventure just trying to get from the airport to our front door! After late airport arrivals and a long drive to the city of La Ceiba three hours away, it started to rain and the streets began to flood. Because of that, the team had to stay overnight in La Ceiba to avoid slipping off the muddy road up the mountain! With an early morning breakfast, they made the drive up to the Jungle Hospital without any problems.


Once they arrived, they went to work immediately packing teacher bags and practicing their hygiene stations for their school visits. One member, Jared Huffmaster, used his skills as a middle school Spanish teacher to help us by leading the hand-washing station. His wife, Beth, and two more nurses on the team helped us with outpatient clinic on Monday and Tuesday, then helped host a medical brigade in the village of La Colorada while the rest of the team visited the school children teaching health classes. The switch between dancing around with the kids to holding a stethoscope over their little chests was such a great opportunity to shower love on the tiny village of La Colorada!

We were able to accomplish so many small projects around the hospital as this team served in whatever capacity we asked. They always comes with hearts ready to serve, no job is too small or too big for them. They come to help and they do it with passion. Our storage room has never looked better or more organized! It was the task not many would care to tackle, but they did and we are still reaping the benefits!

We couldn’t have asked for a better team to close the season. After years of teams with Destiny Church, it felt like we were serving alongside family during this last week of the summer. This year was full of abundant blessings and incredible teams, Destiny Church definitely not being the exception!


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