Extreme Hospital Makeover – Jungle Edition

At the end of October, the elder board and pastoral staff of our long-time partners, City Hope
Church, traveled to San Pedro Sula to induct three elders at City Hope Honduras. While in the
country, we had the privilege of hosting them for a few days here at the hospital. Although
many of them are long-time visitors of our facility, for a few of them, this trip was their very
first. This trip was an exciting one for Dr. Martin and Mrs. Wendy; marking it as commemorative
as it was the first trip for Pastor Trey Taylor since taking on his role as lead pastor 5 years ago.
Even since their departure only a few short weeks ago, construction has come a long way and
we can’t wait to have them back to see the hospital in completion.

A few days after their departure, Pastor Jerry Taylor, founding pastor of City Hope, made his
third trip of the year to visit and serve at the hospital. He and his three-man team (plus our very
own Tabby) painted the entire upstairs, inside and out, and 95% of the downstairs in the span
of a week; accomplishing way more than we planned for them or ever thought possible. Not to
mention all of that in the midst of less-than-ideal weather conditions. Thanks, rainy season.
Also here serving, we had board member Tony Austin and his wife Kelly from The Church
International in St. Amant, Louisiana. Mr. Tony installed the A/C in our pharmacy, allowing us to
move our medication stock back to a temperature-controlled setting, and installed the lights
and electrical outlets in the entire hospital. He was right. We do indeed need sunglasses when
we enter a room and we’ve never been more thankful! While construction was happening all
around, Mrs. Kelly was hard at work on her largest work yet in the hospital—a colorful mural
depicting the jungle fauna and flora we all know and love. Thank you, “Makeover Crew” for
helping us see the light at the end of the tunnel. We quite literally could not have done it
without you!

The hospital looks like a new building after all the work that has gone into it the last several
months. Every patient when they enter makes an awestruck expression and says, “It’s
beautiful” even amongst all the mess that comes with construction. It is almost complete and
ready for move-in upon installation of our new tile by our Honduran-based work crew. We’re so
thankful for every person that has given of their time, talents, and resources to make this
possible and we can’t wait for you all to see it once complete.