Healing Place Church 2014

We hosted a “DYNO-MYTE” team last week from Healing Place Church located in Baton Rouge, LA. This team of six proved that big things can come in small packages, as they merged with our HHG Staff and J-Team to complete several lingering projects. Together we learned the truth of Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” The plans for this group continually changed as the size shrunk from almost twenty people down to seven, and then down to only six. Everyone involved was concerned with the size of the team, and questioned the effectiveness of sending such a small group. God definitely used the “loaves and fishes” brought by the team, and turned them into a practical miracle that won’t soon be forgotten at the Jungle Hospital.


The combined efforts of the group, HHG Staff, and our energy packed J-Team, fueled by God given endurance and stamina led to the completion of numerous projects. In just one week we:

  • cleaned out and insulated the recently combined sea containers to be used as storage for medical supplies
  • installed custom built shelves, lights and air conditioning in the storage unit
  • filled the climate-controlled container with sorted and organized medical supplies
  • set-up and staged two labor and delivery rooms
  • set-up the labor and delivery storage closet
  • cleaned out the main hallway of the hospital that was full of donated supplies
  • moved our school visit ministry supplies to the container to make space for a larger hospital “give-a-way” room
  • remodeled the hospital meeting room
  • sorted and organized donated hospital linens
  • packaged medical scrubs for donation to local hospitals and clinics
  • began moving supplies out of the O.R./Recovery area and into the new storage unit



All of these things were accomplished on top of two days of regular consult at the Jungle Hospital, and hosting a medical brigade in El Paraiso, where 92 patients and 60 students were served. Our spirits were lifted and our energies were renewed by times of morning devotions led by the group members. It was an incredible week filled with unity, laughter, and hard work that yielded beautiful and plentiful fruit.

A big thanks to Healing Place Church for sending such a great team, and to Dr. Cheri and Mr. Joe Leblanc for organizing and leading the group.  Here is a special video we put together sharing some of the monumental things the team helped us accomplish. If you do not see a video below, click HERE to watch.