Healing Place Church 2015 – Medical and Educational Team

The first group welcomed by our summer interns, Healing Place Church, came down as a split team: half medical, half educational. The medical staff hosted out-patient clinic at Jungle Hospital and traveled to brigades while the educational half started on the Toncontin school renovation project, visited area schools with health education, provided fluoride treatments to students, and even taught science (complete with hands-on experiments) at the Christian high school in Rio Viejo, Instituto El Rey. With HPC, since this isn’t their first rodeo, they were SO productive!


With Dr. Cheri LeBlanc, Dr. Trey Melker, and Dr. Martin on brigade, and Joe LeBlanc and Wendy working on the school renovation, we were unstoppable! With stage 1 of the school renovations done, they were eager to see the final product–which was finished by July. Several members of this church have been coming back for years and were eager to see the changes happening in the back of the hospital, and it was so exciting to be able to show them all the progress made in the past year!

Healing Place Church brought, once again, a fantastic group full of energy and love of service that we were so honored to host!