January Water Project

Well, friends, it’s hard to believe it’s already 2017! We had such a wonderful and restful “down season”– those quieter months of the year where teams don’t come and the rain seems to pour every day. We worked our way through project lists, saw patients, and welcomed a new team member:

Alex Miller

Alex was a J-Team summer intern in 2014, and after graduating from Boston University, came down here to join us in September. He’ll be with us until the end of 2017, helping out with media projects and working on global health research about the hospital and the area we serve. We’re excited to have him!

January did indeed come quickly, and what a great start to the year! Our first team of 2017 was a group from Church of the King from Katy, Texas. They joined Honduran representatives of Living Water International with the goal of building a well on our property. The group was wonderful and worked diligently, but, unfortunately, a giant slab of stone underneath our property proved to be a bit too much to cut through this time. We hope to try again with Living Water in the future as the consistency of a well would be fantastic for the hospital– and a successful well would be something that could be expanded to the surrounding villages!

Even without the well, God still used this team in wonderful ways! After visiting Instituto del Rey, the missionary-run high school across the street, several of the team members made the decision to sponsor students, which covers all the costs of uniforms, schools supplies, and tuition.

Two of our board members, Tony and Tim, along with our good friend Vim, were here for the week as well, tackling many of the tough projects we’ve needed help with. We are so very thankful for their dedication and service! 

It was so wonderful having this group of Texans, our board members, and Vim. We hope they’ll all come back again soon. Here’s to a great 2017 full of more fantastic volunteers!