Jungle Research

This summer, one of our wonderful interns returned with a fellow classmate from the New York Medical College to conduct research in our area. Lizzy Sillcocks, a Lee University alumna, former J-Team member, and six month intern from New York arrived with her classmate Jeanne Shi from Vancouver, British Columbia, and alumna of Duke University, to research together after their first year of medical school. Their proposed study was on an analysis of household and community structures that affect infant wheezing in rural Honduras. 

To gather this information, they asked our Dyer Hospital patients with infants up to 1 year old to fill a survey of questions along with going out into the villages themselves and asking individual households if they would contribute to their study. In return for their help, each obliging mother was given a gift bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, cloth diaper, hair comb, and soap. The survey consisted of 45 questions assessing the effects of various aspects of poverty (environmental and educational) that contribute to infant respiratory distress. In total, over 110 persons participated in their study which allowed them to complete their research purpose in good timing! Lizzy’s confidence and familiarity with the area combined with Jeanne’s dedication led to a very successful research project completion. They gathered their work and have submitted it to the Journal of Community Health and hope to have their work published. 

We were thrilled to host students, and old friends like Lizzy, as they learn, research, and propose improvements for our people in the Cuenca Cangrejal and hope to encourage more student research over the coming years!