Lee University

Every year, we have the privilege of hosting a team from our Alma Mater: Lee University. This team was once again filled with incredible students and doctors who came prepared with medicine and supplies for their two weeks of mobile medical and dental clinics.

A highlight of their time here was our hike out to the village of La Muralla. We’ve had many patients come to our hospital from this village, but we’ve never ventured out and brought a brigade to them. The hike had an incredible view and the people were so kind and welcoming. Nearly every person in this small village was given medical attention and reading glasses were provided to those in need.

The group at the school in La Muralla

Outside of their time out on brigades, we had the fun surprise of delivering TWO babies at the Jungle Hospital. As you all know, the Jungle Hospital was certified and dedicated to officially deliver babies in February 2016. Since the dedication we’ve had 10 beautiful babies born in our fully equipped Labor and Delivery Ward. Lee University was the first medical team to be here during one of these special arrivals. We were thankful to have the extra hands on deck, which included a pediatrician–just what we needed for our little bundle of joy.

During their extended stay, we were able to host medical clinics in 6 different villages and provided medical care to more than 550 patients! Thanks, Lee University, for your generosity and eagerness to help every way. We look forward to having you back next year!

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