Lee University 2014

original Lee group shot on truck

We have had the privilege of hosting a team of teachers, alumni, practitioners and health-science students from Lee University for the past six years. Each and every team has helped us cover our patients with premium medical care, as well as stocking our pharmacy with much needed medicines. This year was no exception! The team had one-on-one contact with over 800 patients and students during the two weeks they served alongside our HHG Staff and J-Team at the Jungle Hospital.

ladies trio IMG_5879

We want to give a special thanks to Jo Beth Boyer and Dr. Eddie Brown for organizing such a wonderful team, Dr. Michael Strickland and Dr. Ron Coleman, as well as Physician’s Assistants Brandon West and Rebekah Kirby for providing such excellent patient care. We would also like to thank the entire Gray family and the Lee students who were such a joy to work with. 

grays on beach D7K_6472

The video below showcases some of the events that occurred during their fourteen day stay. If you do not see a video below, click HERE to watch.