Lee University Team

It is our pleasure to host a team from Lee University every year, and this year was no different!

We wasted no time when they got here, starting their visit with a medical brigade in Rio Viejo and then taking them to other villages on the mountain to do brigades there. We managed to see patients in Los Limpios, Toncontin, Las Mangas, El Pital, and La Muralla.

Las Mangas was a special trip for us because after our half day of seeing patients (and playing outside with all of the kids), we went into the city for souvenirs and dinner at Tipi. Staying at Helen’s was a treat to cap off their first week in Honduras.

In addition to the medical brigades, we visited the elementary school in Rio Viejo with our team to do a school visit to teach the kids how to brush their teeth, wash their hands, and eat a healthier diet. The team also went across the street to Instituto El Rey to help teach classes. Some helped teach English, some helped with P.E classes, and some helped in the Home Economics class.

Other highlights with the Lee team included a minor procedure on a lipoma, the zip lining trip, the lip sync battle (we will never forget Dr. Trey joining in on Heart Attack), and capping off the trip by staying at Richard’s and taking full advantage of that pool.

We were so thrilled to have Lee with us for two whole weeks, and we enjoyed every laugh and every prayer we shared. We can’t wait until we get to host them again next year!