Loxley Church of God 2014

Loxley Church of God has been sending a health and educational team to the Jungle Hospital for the past three years. Every year their team sets the bar higher and higher. This year they came prepared with songs and skits for elementary AND high school aged students to go along with the health education curriculum developed by the Jungle Hospital staff. Their team not only puts a great amount of time into planning and practicing before their arrival in Honduras, but they continue to serve wholeheartedly by building relationships with the students and helping with meal prep and clean up while they are on the ground. Their team is always a pleasure to serve with, and when they leave we feel more refreshed and energized than we did before they arrived.

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While they served with the Jungle Hospital we:

  • improved a local elementary school
  • resourced over 30 teachers
  • shared the gospel message with over 650 students
  • washed over 1300 hands
  • gave out over 19,500 vitamins
  • and planted countless seeds for the Kingdom

Take a few minutes to watch the video highlighting the wonderful week we shared. If you do not see a video below, click HERE to watch.