Loxley Church of God Educational Team

With a lot of excitement, we welcomed the Loxley Church of God team this July! This team is known to always bring amazing dramas and choreographed songs for the many school visits that we go on and we couldn’t wait to see what they had planned for this year. We were not disappointed: not only did they prepare skits for the younger kids, but they also prepared some for high school ages. This trip was unique because we had the opportunity, for the first time, to visit the local high schools and preach the gospel through their dramas and a message from the team leader, Scott McCleod.


As we traveled from school to school, they performed their dances, puppet shows, and dramas for the different age groups as the kids sat in silent wonder. It was an amazing experience that we hope only escalates as the years go on and this group’s relationships build in the communities and allow for more and more to be shared! This year was monumental, as we were able to see young hearts be saved by the words of God shared through Scott’s message of salvation. Not only did they perform almost every day, but they also contributed to the remodel at the school in Toncontin, painting at lightning speed!

We love hosting our Loxley family every year, and are already getting excited for what’s in store for next year! Great things are coming and the Loxley COG team was an incredible vessel for them this summer!