Loxley First Baptist/HHG Families

With Loxley First Baptist, three families of the HHG staff and an OB/GYN combined, we had a diverse and fun educational team from July 1-8th. These guys came prepared with skits, dramas, puppets and supplies to start out our summer education visits to the local schools.

We began the week with our prep day on Sunday, which included preparing student bags, teacher gift bags, and practicing our skits to make sure we had them down before going out on the road. After a long day of prep work, we had another pregnant lady arrive around 1:30 a.m ready to deliver her baby. With the help of Dr. Katie McKinney, OB/GYN, this mother delivered a healthy baby girl within 12 minutes of her arrival to the hospital!

For their second two days on the ground, we began the day by having clinic in Rio Viejo and then going out for school visits in the afternoons. This allowed us to continue to provide medical care to our patients rather than closing down for an entire week. Wednesday and Thursday was dedicated to doing only school visits in order to reach as many students as possible.

During each school visit, the gospel was shared through these skits and a short word of encouragement from Dr. Martin. Loxley always comes well prepared, with their skits practiced months in advance, and we love serving with them. Thanks to this amazing team, we were able to reach nearly 600 students with health education and the gospel!

“After 23 years of24826096_10159528104465532_281640601_o waiting and hoping that some of my family members would join me here in Rio Viejo, it finally came to pass. My Aunt Janice and Aunt Joan, along with their two granddaughters, tagged along with the Loxley team and decided to stay even longer than one week. They fit right in and participated in every team activity, even the 45 minute hike. It filled my heart with so much joy to have them here and I’m already looking forward to them coming again.”




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