Midwife Conference

After years of dreaming, we finally were able to host the first conference with the Cuenca midwives to train them in essential care for newborns. With the opening of our Labor and Delivery Ward in 2016, our passion for spreading newborn and new mothers’ health grew even more. Dr. Martin and our visiting Dr. Amy Wood facilitated the teachings and included the 3 Cuenca nurses and Dra. Ana Juarez in the demonstrative exercises.

The day was full of hands-on experience, snacks and a lovely lunch spread, and ended with a bag of gifts filled with baby delivery supplies. Ten midwives, one midwife assistant, and Lic. Ana Lanza (who is over the nurses at the centro de salud) attended besides our own staff and visitors. The day built bridges we had been praying about for years and we hope to make a tradition of this seminar in the near future!


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