Mission Firefly

It has been long time dream for HHGlobal to have a consistent, clean water source for the hospital, all of our patients, volunteers and visitors. Many of our teams have had the good missionary experience of hauling buckets of water for washing dishes and taking baths in the river when the village water supply would unexpectedly fail. Or those of our guests who are lucky enough to land a room with an incredible view from the second floor only to realize that they can’t actually take showers up there. The ugly truth of opening the Labor & Delivery and Surgical Wards of the hospital without a clean and reliable water source was quickly becoming a reality, and one that we did not want to come into fruition. Our long term staff members still remember the emergency delivery of Baby Wendy during a water outage that occurred after a particularly devastating storm. Well, thanks to Mission Firefly that moment in history won’t repeat itself!

Mission Firefly  and First Baptist Church of Meridianville, AL sent a team of four wonderfully hardworking and committed minds to install a pressurized water purification and storage system for the entire HHGlobal Medical Complex! The Hospital itself has purified water right out of the tap, which will ensure a sterile surgical scrub! The hospital and the rest of the buildings have been plumbed into a filtered and pressurized water storage system, which means no more leaves in the showers and our second floor guests will have consistent water pressure! Of course, when the village water source fails we do not have an endless supply of water, but we have a reserve that will keep water running right to the faucet Рno more buckets!

Our patients might not realize what a win this has been for the hospital, but our staff knows that the bar has been raised in their standard of care.¬† We are singing God’s praises for sending a team from Mission Firefly to meet a desperate and timely need.

We want to give a big Jungle Hospital Thank You to the Mission Firefly crew and all those that had a hand in making this dream a reality!