Ms. Claudia Berry

We have known Ms. Claudia Berry for many years. She is an amazing person to be around, and her assistance is always welcomed at the Jungle Hospital.

Ms. Claudia is a strategic planner and grant writer. Many years ago, she came to us and helped us plan out our future goals and taught us how to make decisions in the direction of furthering our mission. It helped us to streamline our operation here, and as the years passed we were able to meet every one of the goals that we set with her.

She came to visit us again this November to do that same thing: to help us focus our mission and once more plan out goals for the next several years. We sat with her for hours, dreaming about the future of our hospital and organization, and she was able to synthesize all of that information into a practical plan that we could move forward with.

In addition to her strategic planning skills, we utilized her help in delivering baby number eighteen. The Doc even put her in his surgery cap and light!

We are so grateful for how devoted she was to getting this plan completed for us. Thanks to her, our goals for the coming years, including the expansion project, have been planned in detail and we now feel ready to begin moving forward with them. Thank you, Claudia, and we can’t wait to sit down with you to do this again in a few years!