Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Ringgold, GA / Katy, Texas Team

Combined teams are always more interesting, and this team proved no different! One half of our team was a youth team from Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, visiting for the first time but hosted by a returning friend of ours and her husband: Mike and Rebekah Kirby. The other half was a small team lead by Vim & Sarah Head, coming to help us hand out their gift of the backpacks we received from them earlier this year!


At the beginning, the team split: the youth half going to finish the remodel at the Toncontin school and the Texas half staying behind to help with some final projects in the back of the hospital to help us meet inspection standards. The youth team prepared skits for the kids at the schools we visited, which we added to our health and hygiene lessons. The mixing dynamics made it so much fun to hike to villages and host our school visit, with the special surprise gift at the end! As a concluding thank you to this team and the two before it who helped remodel the rather large school in Toncontin, the elementary school hosted a special party for the students and team to celebrate! Complete with food, piñatas, games and backpacks! What a special day to see the entire school remodeled and the smiling faces of students and teachers alike who were blessed by the hearts of our volunteers!

Generosity and gratitude were the themes of the week, and we could not have enjoyed it more!

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