Our 2014 J-Team

JTEAM 2014 Roster for BLog copy

We cannot say enough good things about our 2014 J-Team! They had incredible attitudes and worked hard alongside us during our busiest season of the year. They helped us prepare for and host groups, run the daily operations of the Jungle Hospital, teach health education and spread the Gospel to students, remodel local kindergarten and elementary schools, and much, much more. Not only was their work ethic as a group the strongest we have ever seen, their passion for the Word of God was so inspiring. We witnessed some amazing growth in each one of them, and we know that God has some incredible plans for them in the future.

Although the 2014 Internship has come to a close, we are accepting application for our 2015 programs. Applications and References are due no later than September 30th! Click the photo above to learn more about our internship programs.

We put together a video documenting their summer internship experience. This video is longer than most of our team videos because it covers a three month span.  Click here to watch if you do not see a video below.