Partnerships for the Kingdom

God is fulfilling His promise to send volunteers to serve alongside us. We partnered with Samaritan’s purse in 2018, and what a blessing they have been! World Medical Mission, the medical arm of SP has sent us so many wonderful short-term volunteers. We are excited to receive our first post-resident doctor who will serve at our hospital for two years. Dr. Grace arrives in June! Also in 2022 they will send two nurses, each for a 3 month term, two resident physicians for a 1 month rotation, and a shipping container filled with medical supplies and equipment. Thank you God for answered prayers! 

We have also been blessed with many opportunities over the years to partner with groups and organizations to extend a helping hand to our neighboring villages. This year, God connected us with the U.S. Military Reserves who are stationed in Honduras providing services to the country. The intent of this group is to host social projects to provide basic needs like food and healthcare to rural communities. The Jungle Hospital became a safe place for the military as they ventured out surveying areas and people groups in need. In the next few months, they are planning to land on our new property via helicopter with a group of soldiers to host a chapel hike with the goal of carrying food to the village of Los Limpios. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring and we hope to continue to be able to provide a safe place for the U.S. military to gather.