Princeton COG


Our last team of the summer season was Princeton Church hosting their first team to Honduras. Their church has supported our ministry for years, but this July was their first time to come and see the ministry they had spoken about for years now. Their team was made up of quite a few teenagers and kids, filling the team with vivacity and boldness to love on the kids they saw here. They were like the Loxley team, arriving and departing on Friday rather than Saturday which started their work week on Sunday. Sunday proved to be their favorite day, as we got a special day to really love on some kids from Los Planes and La Colorada when the kids walked here and found that there was a party in their honor. The dances and prizes were hilarious to the kids and they found delight in every aspect of the fun planned. We even had lunch with the kids, enjoying sandwiches and punch in a camaraderie that transcended the language barrier. On Monday, we hiked to Los Pirineos where the school kids from La Lucha met us and we hosted the games and hygiene lessons with the full shower of prizes and prayer. A special delivery of the week was had on Monday night when one of our patients had her baby! Fortunately, we had a nurse on the team to help us handle the chaos of the delivery and the chunky baby boy made quite an entrance in the world with plenty of “paparazzi.” Tuesday included a visit to Urraco and Japon, and our last school visit of the summer was in Los Limpios on Wednesday!

D7K_6633               D7K_6023                  D7K_6267               D7K_5986
With all the youth, including a newborn baby boy, this team was an excellent end to our summer season! After their exciting week here, we hope to see this church visit us again soon and bring all the bouncing energy that they did this July!