Residents and PA Students Galore!

It’s always been a desire of Dr. Martin that the Jungle Hospital be a learning environment: a place where students come to learn about medicine in the Third World and about life on the mission field. We see this dream becoming a reality more and more each month as we not only receive more teams, but we take on more volunteers and interns all coming to lend a helping hand.

Joining our team for the month of May was a first time internal medicine resident from LSU School of Medicine, Dr. Ryan Wisler, and three PA students from Lincoln Memorial University (Toni Boyko, Erin Ross, and Kelsey Davis). There was an instant team connection that was displayed not only in their work, but in their free time as well. These guys partnered together in giving consult which provided the opportunity for the PAs to put the skills they learned in the classroom to the test.

Also joining us in the month of May, were two first-time medical teams venturing out to help us bring Health, Hope, and Healing to our area of influence. We welcomed a group of 14 pre-med students from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga and a large group from Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama.

Here’s a look at the incredible work these guys accomplished during their stay:


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