River Valley Medical Team 2022

We had a wonderful week serving alongside River Valley Church medical team! Despite their trip being cut short a day due to a flight cancellation, it didn’t stop them from arriving with huge smiles on their faces and ready to love on everyone they saw.

Check out these highlights from a few of their team members:

Max Lundeen: Physician Assistant/Team Leader

DAY 1: Travel day Global Team Honduras ‘22 traveled from MSP to MIA to SAP Honduras. We then traveled by bus across the country to La Ceiba and then another 1.5 hours up the mountains to a rural village called Rio Viejo. We were greeted by @jungledoc @wendyvaughnwilliams @tabitha_hiers and staff.

DAY 2: Our first brigade was at The Jungle Hospital in Rio Viejo. We jumped right into clinic seeing lots of families. Here we have an ultrasound machine, an OR, pharmacy, dental room and much more. Many of the patients walk more than 2 hours to get to the clinic by 7am.

DAY 3: We began our second brigade in a church at Las Mangas. It was hot and humid with lots of patients to see. One thing that is obvious, the people here are so kind and really appreciate the care they receive. I removed a large lipoma on a man, and he told me that he put the roof on the church for free and God is now blessing him with a free surgery. God is good!

After we finished our clinic, we headed down to swim in the river, cool down and have fun! Las Mangas has one of the most beautiful areas to swim on the mountain. We had a great time connecting and sharing our stories. Our team is full of amazing people and I am so grateful to call them friends.

Day 4: We had an awesome day of clinic and dental work in the village of Toncontin! What an amazing group of people to work with. These pictures represent a glimpse of the stories behind each individual patient.

Dr. Brad Morrison: Dentist

Last week Lindsey and I had the honor of returning to the Jungle Hospital with an unbelievable group of individuals providing medical and dental care to people of the La Cuenca Cangrejal area of Honduras. Martin Williams and Wendy Williams with Healing Hands Global, Inc. are an unstoppable force of love and healing in God’s name! What a humbling privilege it is to just be a small part of this!

A huge shout out to River Valley Church, Max Lundeen, Tabitha Hiers, my dental partner in crime, Kaylee Sirovy, and the rest of GTH2022 for making this such a successful mission!!

Dr. Nana – Family Medicine Practitioner

Incredibly blessed to serve the jungle hospital this past week with an amazing group of people from @rivervalleymn . There is something so tangibly special about @wendyvaughnwilliams @tabitha_hiers and Dr. Martin. Thank you for making room at your table for us to serve along side your vision. Watching you all live out your call to bring health, hope and healing is truly inspiring. The sense of belonging here is freeing. Let’s do it again soon. #youryesmatters

Kyle Blackburn – EMT

It was a week ago that l came home from a medical mission to the Jungle Hospital in Honduras. I went with a team of medical personnel and translators from River Valley Church. To say that my past two trips to Honduras have been amazing is an understatement. The vision that Dr. Martin and Miss Wendy have for the hospital is truly inspiring. We had the privilege to help care for nearby villagers – some who walked several hours, waited for additional several hours to be seen, cared for and then made the long journey walking back home. And while we were there to care for them, their gratitude and joy is what really touched our lives forever. I included some pictures from our trip to share with you. Thank you again for all of your prayers, support and donations to help aid in my trip. I already can’t wait to go back next year!

Dr. Evie Torres Dedeker – OBGYN

It is hard to put into words what last week was like, and the amazing ways the Lord provides. Though the central goal of our trip was to humbly serve and love the beautiful people of Honduras, it was them who impacted lives and left an impression. They live humbly, many with an income of $5/day, yet they are selfless, resilient, grateful and kind. The women in the jungle care for their families with grace and strength, walk for hours in the heat with children in tow to seek medical care and for the wellbeing of their young. Being with them was truly special, but their plea for help cannot be forgotten. It was an honor to be a part of the mission and vision Dr. Martin Williams, his wife Wendy, and nurse Tabitha Hiers have been carrying out for years at The Jungle Hospital… I look forward to our next time together.