During the end of this month, we received a unique team filled with some of our favorite people. 

Our HHG Board Members and some close friends visited: Tony, Mike, and Ben from Louisiana, Tim from London, Vim and Jordan from Texas, and Brian from Atlanta, all joined together for a week of deep-hearted service.

Our week together began with a sermon from CityHope Church called “Uncommon” which taught us to live like no one else. The message struck a chord and it became the theme of the week. Our project list, like our group of people, was unusual as well. They helped us with multiple projects around the hospital and grounds. But most challenging and exciting was the new drop ceiling on the 2nd floor of our dorm building! From stifling heat to beautiful and cool woodwork, we could not be more happy to have help with that transformation!

This Uncommon team served with a passion, humility, and perseverance (that ceiling is a lot bigger than it looks!) that showed the heart of Christ. We are so honored to call these people our close friends and parts of the heart of HHG!

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